Friquenlty Asked Questions

How can I book a Day Trip/Transfer/SharedTrip/Chauffeur service?

Chose your DayTrip or other service, and book on reception, or via WhatsApp messenger/phone call. You need to answer few questions and booking will be made.

How can we recognize our driver and vehicle?

If is from Airport, our driver will wait for you with SIGN/NAMEPLATE with your name on it or message you via WhatsApp to share meetingpoint.From your address/hotel  our driver will search for you at reception or contact you via phone call/message to arrange meetingpoint.

DayTrips Shared/Private, our driver will search for you at reception or via WhatsApp message introducing himself by name and company he works for. On the front vehicle window there will be sign DMC TOURS excursions with our logo.

What is difference between Private and Shared DayTrip?

On Private DayTrip you can chose vehicle type, price is per vehicle too, and you will be alone or with your friends, but not with other unknown tourists. Also, you can decide when to change route, or to visit additional stopseeing.

On SHARED DayTrip you will be travelling with other unknown passengers, but price is per person and it’s more affordable if you travel alone. Also you need to be ready at timing set for you in advance by us for your pick up. Also, you are not able to add additional stopseeing, as 8 people in a minivan all wanting to see different things is chaos.

Is the tip included in the quote? How much should we tip the driver?

Tip is not included in the quote. Gratuities are not mandatory in Bulgaria, however we do feel that if the clients have been happy with their service, the driver should receive a tip as a token of appreciation. Standard gratuities in Europe run between 5 % - 15% depending on the service received.

Are the prices per person?

Private services are per chosen type vehicle.
Shared DayTrips is only service charged per person.

Traveling with children?

Just note us about your children age and we will provide right child seat (baby seat, child seat and booster)

Can we get invoice and can we pay by credit card?

You can pay with credit card via Stripe. Our team will provide Stripe link for payment with right fee. Card payments are added 3.5% tax additional.
For invoice, you need to provide us your company details before payment.  After payment, you will receive invoice on your name or company name.

How I can change/cancel/move date for my booking and what is charge policy?

You can simple note us over WhatsApp or note on reception. Cancellations or other changes are free of charge, as we are very flexible. Only Premium Class vehicles must be prepaid in advance and Cancellation policy is strict. You will not be refunded if you cancel your booking less  than 10 days before the scheduled service.

Can I make an individual request?

You can make any request you like. Just WhatsApp us with all your needs and we will provide our best offer for your travel needs.

Can you hire professional Tour Guide for our DayTrip?

Yes, we can hire for your licensed tour guide for your trip on additional fee over your request if there is any available, depending of season intensity.

I need you now, its last minute i know but can you help me?

Yes of course but last minute its like overtime, we didn’t expect you and its not easy to arange fast and good service in last minute. We can arange it but probably will cost more than usually.

Do I need to pay in case my flight is delayed?

Only in case if didnt get information about your delay and driver wait a lot of hours for you on the airport. For more secure, you can send us a message immediately when you find out about delays. But if we have your flight in advance and our dispatchers track the flight, so it’s almost always free of charge.

What is the difference between a tour guide and a DayTrip Driver?

Tour Guide: A tour guide's primary role is to provide information, explanations, and insights about the places visited during the tour. They lead groups of tourists through attractions, historical sites, museums, or natural landmarks, offering commentary, answering questions, and ensuring the group stays on schedule.
Daytrip Driver: A daytrip driver's main responsibility is transportation. They are hired to drive individuals or groups to various destinations for day trips, excursions, or sightseeing tours. While they may offer some information about the locations visited, their primary focus is on safe and efficient driving.

Tour Guide: Tour guides typically possess in-depth knowledge about the history, culture, and significance of the places they visit. They are trained to deliver engaging narratives and provide comprehensive information to enhance the travelers' understanding and enjoyment of the destinations.

Daytrip Driver: Daytrip drivers may have general knowledge about the areas they drive through, but they are not necessarily experts on the specific sites or attractions visited during the trip. Their expertise lies more in navigation, driving skills, and ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers.

Tour Guide: Tour guides actively engage with travelers throughout the tour, offering commentary, answering questions, and facilitating discussions. They play a key role in creating a memorable and educational experience for the group.

Daytrip Driver: While daytrip drivers may engage in casual conversation with passengers during the journey, their interaction with travelers is typically more limited compared to tour guides. Their primary focus is on driving, and they may not provide as much detailed information or commentary about the destinations.

Tour Guide: Tour guides are typically engaged for the duration of the tour, which may span several hours or days, depending on the itinerary.

Daytrip Driver: Daytrip drivers are usually hired for shorter durations, specifically for the duration of the day trip or excursion. Once the trip is completed, their role concludes unless they are hired for additional trips.

While both tour guides and daytrip drivers play important roles in facilitating travel experiences, the main difference lies in their primary responsibilities and expertise, with tour guides focusing on providing information and guidance at destinations, while daytrip drivers primarily focus on transportation.